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Photo Gallery

Naturally we’re proud of the work we do. And we like to think, in the end, that’s what makes the whole effort so worthwhile. In this gallery of photos we’ve featured a kitchen/hallway, entire condo, exterior front entrance and bathroom makeover. Details provided to help you appreciate the unique challenges of each undertaking.


In this instance the client wanted a total renovation of the kitchen and entry hall in their Toronto home. There was a lot to this including removing the original kitchen and a ceiling while bricking in a window, which would provide a space for the new stove.  Also an interior wall was taken down to create an open space between the kitchen and living room. Everything from cupboards to floor tiles were replaced so, in the end, the client felt like they were moving into a brand new home.


What we have here is a complete “gut and remodel”. Take our word for it, that sounds a lot better coming from one of us than it would a doctor. Essentially the client wanted a small, cramped bathroom to be turned into a spacious, all new “boudoir”. Basically it meant tearing out the old bathroom, taking down a wall so as to annex the needed spaced from the bedroom that was behind it. Using the available space it was relatively straightforward. And you can see, the transformation is remarkable.


In this case the client wanted to replace an open breeze way  and upstairs sun room with a new, two story, brick entrance and hallway.  Replacing the existing brick sidewalk with patio stones then rebuilding the three steps to the brand new front door may have seemed a minor detail but it was the component that put the finishing touch on what was now a new hall way and sunny upstairs reading room.

With more then 40 years in the renovation industry we have had a multitude of clients looking for various jobs to be done around their homes. This means that we have experience in every aspect of home renovations. We have designed, built and renovated bedrooms, basements, study's, living rooms, and hallways, as well as exterior work like landscaping and additions. We are not strangers to home renovations and can help with every step of design and renovation to ensure you have a home you're proud of. 

Bedroom Renovation